Meeting Your Partner Once a Week: The Ideal Timing

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When couples begin a new relationship, they often feel the desire to meet each other every day, driven by the initial excitement and curiosity. However, relationship experts discourage frequent meeting your partner once a week.

Clinical psychologist Seth Meyers wrote about the potential negative impact of meeting a new partner too frequently, stating in Psychology Today on September 24, 2023, that “one of the factors that destroys many relationships is rushing into them and spending too much time together.”

Starting a New Relationship

Additionally, individuals starting a new relationship often prioritize their new partner over friends and even family. For instance, Michelle admitted that she lost contact with her friends, family, and her sense of self in her previous relationships.

“I lost friends, family, and myself every time I started a new relationship, so when I heard about this rule, I had to try it,” she said, as reported by Cosmopolitan.

Meyers explained that new couples typically crave physical closeness, leading to the experience of intense emotions prematurely. Meeting too often in the early stages of a relationship can create a false sense of intimacy and dependency, despite the understanding that truly knowing someone takes months or even years.

Conversely, meeting your partner once a week can assist both individuals in managing their desires and cultivating a healthier relationship.

Benefits of Meeting Once a Week

Meeting your partner once a week offers several advantages that contribute to a healthier relationship:

Enhanced Preparation: According to Jennifer Silvershein, LCSW, a specialist in dating and relationship advice, meeting once a week facilitates better preparation and emotional maturity when addressing relationship issues. It reduces the intensity of disagreements, promoting smoother communication.

Fostering Longing: Meeting once a week helps build anticipation and longing. It encourages couples to eagerly await their time together, ensuring they have plenty to discuss and cherish during their meetings.

Time for Friends and Family: Scheduled weekly meetings allow individuals to balance their time between their partner and loved ones. It eliminates the need to cancel plans with friends and family to accommodate a partner, thereby maintaining strong connections with those around them.

Quality Time with Loved Ones: The limited time spent with a partner enhances the quality of the moments shared. Both individuals learn to value and make the most of their time together.

Personal Reflection: Meeting once a week provides individuals with time for self-reflection. It allows them to assess their relationship and consider any necessary adjustments.


In conclusion, while the initial stages of a relationship are characterized by excitement and the desire to spend every moment together, experts recommend meeting your partner once a week to foster healthier and more enduring relationships. This approach allows for better preparation, nurtures anticipation, ensures connections with friends and family are maintained, and encourages personal growth and introspection within the relationship.