How to Save Money on Your Wedding Meals Menu

How to Save Money on Your Wedding Meals Menu

Wedding Meals Costs

The food costs are often covered by the wedding budget. Couples who are trying to watch their finances sometimes prepare extravagant wedding meals for fewer people than they’d like.

Although money is always a problem, there are other considerations that may aid in controlling wedding meals costs. Tia Wibowo, a financial consultant at ZAP Finance with years of experience, stresses the significance of headcount.

The cost of catering a party depends heavily on how many people you invite. Tia cautioned Liputan6 in a written interview dated July 29, 2023, that “cost limits need careful guest selection.”

Couples should figure out how much food to prepare after they know how many people will be attending the party. Tia recommends double the number of expected guests and subtracting 10% to account for no-shows.

Tia is certain that the quality and variety of the food can be maintained on a limited budget. She recommends cutting the guest list and holding activities at tea time to save money on food.

Tia says, “restricting the diversity of dishes while ensuring they are hearty can serve as a tried-and-true strategy for cost reduction.”

A pre-tasting session guarantees the couple’s satisfaction and the guests’ enjoyment of the dinner. Tia also notes the rise in catering options provided by startups, many of which offer attractive discounts and specials.

Wedding Caterer Survey

How to Save Money on Your Wedding Meals Menu

In addition to the above, Tia recommends paying a visit to the offices and kitchens of catering firms. The purpose, she explains, is to learn how efficient wedding receptions may be catered in a buffet approach.

The whole catering operation, from the bustling kitchen to the chefs de cuisine, is on display in this project. Checking up on food storage and the distribution of equipment is also necessary. This thorough analysis guarantees that the selected vendor can efficiently oversee weddings.

Caterers for weddings often provide a range of pricing and service packages so that discerning couples may find something that works within their budget. Partners and their families should be include in negotiations about pricing, food plans, and other amenities.

Tia decides that reading evaluations of wedding vendors is a good idea that can’t possibly backfire.

For an extra fee, couples have the option of hiring a vendor that is not affiliated with the venue. Choosing a food provider with a more affordable pricing structure will help with this problem even if the venue owner is responsible for covering incidental expenditures.

If you can’t afford a professional caterer for your wedding reception, hosting it in your house with food provided by friends and family is a great option. But it’s important to weigh the savings of cooking at home against the prices quoted by caterers.

Wedding Meals Menu Substitutions

Catering costs might change depending on the menu you choose. Since fewer people are eating rice these days, dishes that include the grain should be minimize. Since the elderly seldom consume carbonated beverages, the libation issue may be easily solve by providing just water.

Tia also offers plated and buffet service for wedding receptions on a tighter budget. Persian wedding ceremonies have a long history in the city of Solo. “Piring Terbang,” often known as “Flying Plate,” is a service that won’t break the bank.

As in Western restaurants, the ‘Flying dish’ approach involves waiters bringing out appetisers and sweets one at a time.

In order to please their guests, couples of all conceptual stripes should pay close attention to the presentation, quality, and, most importantly, quantity of their wedding meals.

Bargaining for Catering Services

RBB Catering is a well-known catering company that offers wedding packages to suit a variety of budgets. This Bogor business offers both in-home and off-site wedding catering.

Endil Syahrudin, proprietor of RBB Catering, told Liputan6 on July 29, 2023, “Our package pricing commences at IDR 40,000 (Indonesian Rupiah) per person, encompassing streamlined menu selections.”

Prices per person vary from IDR 50,000 to IDR 70,000, and there is a wider variety of dishes available. Rice, a main wedding meals (fish, chicken, or beef), soup, vermicelli, or vegetable dishes, dessert, fruit, crackers, and mineral water are all included in the IDR 40,000 package.

These prices are reasonable, but Endil believes they are routinely negotiate down much further. He suggests having honest dialogue with the kitchen staff in order to develop inventive dishes that, despite cost limitations, nonetheless manage to wow diners with their presentation and flavour.

The couple and the caterer must communicate well in order to plan a nice wedding meals for the guests. Since people sometimes forget about the nutritional requirements of family members who aren’t on the guest list, he suggests that they “err on the side of surplus when determining portions.”